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Short-cycle projects, unwavering focus on value, onsite or remote

Based upon our subject matter expertise and our reputation within the enterprise community, you can expect our highly trained consultants to collaborate with your team to achieve your business goals. We deliver short-cycle projects, bringing results quickly while maintaining an unwavering focus on value. Services can be provided onsite or remote, tailored to your project needs.

Improving your IT performance built on best practices with 15 years of experience

Built on best practices and methodologies like IT4IT and ITIL, covering over 15 years of ITSM knowledge & experience, Westbury’s offerings have ITSM intelligence embedded. Thanks to the ease of use (no coding, drag and drop interface, no database specialists needed), rapid deployment (within 10 days up and running) and a unique, adaptive architecture, our offerings help over 100 IT organizations worldwide to improve their performance.

Consulting and analytics

We will perform a baseline analysis of your organization’s processes and help you understand and shape the metrics that your team needs to measure performance. We understand data and the value it brings to your organization.


Our seasoned specialists will create interactive, informative and powerful metrics, dashboards and reports that will provide you with a solid understanding of your company’s operational status and afford you the ability to easily improve and expand on your services.

Visualizing IT4IT™

SMI is uniquely qualified to visualize the value of IT4IT™ for the new digital organization through its data blending capabilities and both data source and BI tool agnostic approach. Read more about the benefits for your organization and our IT4IT™ startup dashboards on our IT4IT™ page.

Services for ServiceNow® Performance Analytics

With over a decade of experience in reporting and analytics, Westbury is there to help you derive immediate value from your ServiceNow® Performance Analytics implementation.  Our team of seasoned consultants will analyze your processes, help you define your KPIs and develop the metrics, dashboards and reports you require.
“Westbury offers us a way to get insight in, and to streamline important information to customers, operational teams and IT Management. When IT Reporting is centralized and is based on a shared service with strong partners, it will result in reduced costs, flexibility and optimal quality” Alexander Aumer

IT Project Manager, Continental

We are privileged to have world-class organizations rely on our expertise

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